StrategyQuant X – Build 111

Please note - new version of SQ will be named StrategyQuant X, not SQ 4.

We will continue releasing new updates every two weeks on Friday, updates will be numbered as builds. Current build is Build 111.


21.9.2018 - SQ X Build 111

7.9.2018 - SQ X Build 110

31.8.2018 - SQ X Build 109

10.8.2018 - SQ X Build 108

27.7.2018 - SQ X Build 107

13.7.2018 - SQ X Build 106

29.6.2018 - SQ4 RC5

  • Bugfixes release, fixed problems vith Views and filters caused by adding other languages support + other more than 30 issues fixed

22.6.2018 - SQ4 RC4

  • Improved parallel computing, optimization engine, as a result program should be faster and more stable
  • Added support for language files - in /internal/lang. We will add translations to more languages in the next updates
  • Working autoupdate system - your RC3 should automatically update to RC4

1.6.2018 - SQ4 RC3

18.5.2018 - SQ4 RC2

4.5.2018 - SQ4 RC1 

20.4.2018 - SQ4 Beta 9

31.1.2018 - SQ4 Beta 8

22.11.2017 - SQ4 Beta 7

  • Please check task system for complete list of fixes and improvements:
  • Note - in rare cases some users could experience black application screen after start. It is caused most probably by issues with some (maybe not most recent) graphics card drivers.
    To fix it please edit StrategyQuant4.config file and change the line:
    display gpu
    display cpu
  • Note - if you experience error "No input databank set" when starting Builder, please go to Home page and load one of the build configurations there. The error is caused by a missing entry in default build configuration file.

13.10.2017 - SQ4 Beta 6

30.8.2017 - SQ4 Beta 5

28.7.2017 - SQ4 Beta 4

  • We focus on improving internals of SQ - new Beta has greatly improved memory consumption and faster UI 
  • Over 40 reported + plus many more internal (unreported) issues fixed or newly developed. List of all fixed issues is here:
  • Improved databank and Results, it should now work faster and without issues
  • Initial implementation of Genetic Engine, it still requires some development
  • Update system finally finished, automatic updates should work since Beta 4
  • Please note that the internal update mechanism still didn't work in Beta 3, so it will not update automatically to Beta 4. It is necessary to redownload and reinstall it. 

30.6.2017 - SQ4 Beta 3

  • List of bugs fixed is available here
    Overall a lot of bugs and issues were fixed, but we are still not satisfied with it, there's a lot to improve for Beta 4.
  • Genetic Engine is still not finished.
  • Backward compatibility with SQ3 only partly solved, there is still work to be done.
  • Please note that autoupdate still doesn't work, it is necessary to redownload and reinstall SQ4.

16.6.2017 - SQ4 Beta 2

  • We spent the last two weeks developing and fixing features in SQ4 Beta. We still haven't had a time for extensive tests, but the program should be much more stable than Beta 1.
  • More than 20 reported + plus many more internal (unreported) issues fixed or newly developed.
  • Improved overall program stability and checks, it should prevent a big portion of issues and bugs
  • Finalized implementation of Optimization inclusing Walk-Forward and WF Matrix
  • Disabled Genetic Evolution as we are in a middle of implementation of a final genetic engine. Random generation is available.
  • New version of more effective grid engine used
  • Article about custom templates published here: Developing strategies using custom strategy templates
  • Please note that the internal update mechanism doesn't work in Beta 1, so Beta 1 will not update automatically to Beta 2. It is necessary to redownload and reinstall it. We apologize for that, automatic updates should work fine since Beta 2.

What are the main features of new StrategyQuant 4

Improved User Interface

StrategyQuant 4 UI is completely reworked, we tried to make it more intuitive and easy to understand.Complex things like custom project workflow are also made so that they are easy to understand for both new and existing users.

It will be possible to extend SQ4 by programming your own custom indicators, building blocks, etc.

Support for multi-symbol and multi-timeframe strategies and multiple OOS testing
You can now create and test strategies that work on multiple symbols or timeframes, and use multiple Out of sample test periods.
Note that this functionality is still not completely tested.

Strategy generation from your own strategy templates
Strategies no longer have fixed format, you can create a template of a strategy in Wizard, with placeholders that you want to be replaced with randomly generated building blocks

Custom projects - Flexible tasks flow
In addition to the three main parts of the program (Builder, Retester, Optimizer) you now have a possiblity to build your own custom project with its own flow of tasks.

It allows to create automated processes that can run without user intervention and can continually build, test, verify and filter the generated strategies.

What we are still working on - it means it is NOT yet completely finished

The program still has to go through a throughout internal testing. We know that there are some undiscovered erors or quirks. A small part of the functionality is also still waiting to be implemented.

  • MetaTrader5 engine including hedging - we already have experimental version of MT5 engine (netted) implemented
  • Graphics quirks, "ugly" design of some program parts, slow UI
  • Optimization for speed and memory
  • Genetic evolution implemented using quick-and-dirty solution for now, it will be completely finished in a next update next week
  • Additional indicators - we have about 10 more indicators that will be added to the final version
  • Tradestation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader engine - these are all planned, but we will focus on MetaTrader 4/5 first

FAQ about the new version

  • Is it be possible to load strategies from EA Wizard or StrategyQuant 3 into StrategyQuant 4 and backtest them?
    Yes, it is possible. Please report any problems you migth have with it.
  • Is there some documentation / examples about the new version?
    There is no documentation for now, but I will be posting articles explaining the new features and how to use them.
  • I have a suggestion / found a bug, where shoud I post it?
    If you have a suggestion or an idea of improvement, please use the link below to report it.