What are the computer requirements to run StrategyQuant?

In this article, I discuss ways how you can create strategies for a crypto market in StrategyQuant. Cryptocurrencies have been here for several years now. Some traders consider them as the gold of the 21st century while the others just as an instrument for transferring money and interesting technology. I will discuss ways how to create strategies for Crypto from a technical perspective.


I create strategies for bitcoin futures. Why I decided for this option? A futures contract is a product regulated by the US government therefore I consider it to be the safest environment for trading of this volatile instrument. TradeStation broker, which is known for the best quality data, have data available from 17.12.2017. StrategyQuant also supports export strategies into TradeStation therefore we can test created strategy right-away in the broker’s platform.

Kornel Mazur

Kornel Mazur

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comparison blocks

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Futures contracts have been around for over 300 years. It provides opportunities not only to hedge against future price fluctuations in various commodities and financials and also to speculate and trade more actively both manually and algorithmically. StrategyQuantX offers a very efficient to do so.