Main concepts

Author: SQ team

January 21st, 2019

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Program layout

When you’ll first start StrategyQuant you’ll see the main screen as in the picture below.

The program functionality is divided into tabs on the sides.

These tabs are:

  1. Home – starting screen of the program, it contains the sample settings, news and helpful links
  2. Builder – tool to build new strategies or improve existing ones. The core of the program.
  3. Retester – tool to retest existing strategies on a different data or with different settings
  4. Optimizer – tool to optimize parameters of existing strategies or to run Walk-Forward simulations
  5. Data manager – tool to manage (download, import, export) data that are used in backtesting
  6. Custom projects – tool to specify your custom flow of tasks
  7. Wizard – editor of trading strategies. Here you can create a trading strategy from scratch by defining its exact rules
  8. Code Editor – editor that allows you to build your own indicators or building blocks
  9. Grid Control – overview of tasks running on computing grid
  10. Global config – global program configuration options
  11. Report Bug – report bug or suggest an idea using this link
  12. Build version – version of build that you are currectly using

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