Post-Installation steps

Author: SQ team

January 9th, 2019

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It is important to add all SQ X custom indicators to your MetaTrader(s) !


All these additional indicators are a part of the installation package, you can find them in {StrategyQuant}/custom_indicators folder.


Simply copy all the *.mq4 or *.mq5 files from this folder to your MetaTrader installation.


How to find the correct MetaTrader folder to copy the indicators to:

  1. Open MetaTrader
  2. Go to File -> Open Data Folder – this will open MT folder in explorer window
  3. There go to MQL4 or MQL5, then to Indicators subfolder
  4. Copy all SQ custom indicators there
  5. SQ indicators will be compiled and available in MetaTrader after you restart it


If you use more than one MetaTrader installations, you have to repeat this step for every MT4 installation you use or will use in the future.

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