Strategy options

Author: Kornel Mazur

February 26th, 2019

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These settings allow you to specify the properties of the generated strategies as well as testing conditions.

Some of the options are displayed only for Builder, because they make no sense in Retester.

Build options

Build options govern some of the aspects of how new strategies are randomly built. They are:

Don’t use price range in conditions
If checked, price range indicators like ATR and Bar Range will be not used in strategy conditions, they will be used only as a part of SL/PT and Stop/Limit price levels.

Replace pending orders
this is an important setting that has big influence on Stop and Limit orders. If set to true, the stop orders are replaced with updated version every time there is new signal and order is still pending.
In the older versions of StrategyQuant this setting was implicitly set to false and it was hidden.
It seems that setting it to true leads to better and more successful breakout strategies, and it is generally recommended.
Pending orders are replaced automatically for Tradestation.

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