How to install Strategy Quant indicators to Metatrader 4/5
How to run the Metatrader in portable mode and what it is good for?
How to load and save build config
Manually configure internal web server port
Use Cross checks build in Builder and Retester
Merge / Split Portfolio
Strategy templates
Retest with higher precision
Monte Carlo trades manipulation
Retest on additional markets
Monte Carlo retest methods
Reliable backtesting in MetaTrader
Walk-Forward Optimization
Reliable backtesting in Tradestation / MultiCharts
Walk-Forward Matrix
Understanding automatic dismissal rules
Description of advanced Walk-Forward values that can be used in filters / databank
The strategy tried to place stop/limit order at incorrect price
Simple Optimization
Recommended optimization parameters
Export strategy from StrategyQuant and test or trade it in MetaTrader
Custom blocks
Program layout
Introduction – What is StrategyQuant
Introduction to custom projects
Builder layout
Random groups
What’s new in StrategyQuant X?
Main concepts
What If simulations
Build strategies task
How does StrategyQuant work?
External indicators
System requirements
Databanks and files
Progress – project logs, performance stats and charts
Not supported for engine
Retest strategies task
Different build modes
Full settings
Settings – What to build
Automatic retest task
How to downgrade
Configuring parameter ranges for standard and custom blocks
Strategy style
Use OppositeBlocks configuration to control the negation
Comparing and using the same backtest settings
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