EA Wizard is an old version of strategy editor, it is no longer developed or sold.

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Welcome to the EA Wizard tutorials

At this page, you can find tutorials how to work with the software and maximally utilize its functionality. Thanks to the interactive form of tutorials and videos, you can fastly understand how to work with the software. A valuable source of information is also the forum where you can ask questions, discuss with other users of EA Wizard and help each other.

Introduction tutorial:

Introduction to the software, explaining how it works and description of warnings.

  • Program walkthrough video
  • How EA Wizard works
  • Compilation warnings explanations

Tutorial 1: Making a simple EMA cross strategy

A step-by-step tutorial of making an EMA cross strategy.What you’ll learn:

  • How to build conditions to trigger trading rules
  • How to open new order
  • How to close an open order

Tutorial 2: Example strategies

These sample EAs serve as a demonstration of various techniques that can be used in EA Wizard.Each sample contains detailed explanation of the sample logic and functions it uses, and you can download every sample strategy in EA Wizard format.List of samples:

  • Play Sound example
  • Martingale strategy
  • Trail Stop programatically by EA
  • Trail Stop to Low of the previous 5 candles

Tutorial 3: Importing and using own custom indicators

How to work with your own custom indicators in EA Wizard (functionality added in the new version 1.1!) What you’ll learn:

  • How to manage custom indicator definitions in EA Wizard
  • How to import new custom indicator definitions from StrategyQuant
  • How to import new custom indicators if you have the indicator *.mq4 file
  • How to define your own custom indicators manually
  • How to use custom indicators in our EAs

Tutorial 4: Advanced techniques in EA Wizard

The topic of this lesson is practical using of advanced functions in EA Wizard.

  • Using EA Parameters
  • Using global Stop Loss and Profit Target
  • Using Money Management
  • Closing open position
  • Using custom indicators in EA Wizard
  • Using Strategy Controls
  • Using Is Bar Open function

Manual: List of functions

List of all categories, functions and building blocks in EA Wizard.