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    It’s been about a year since i’ve been on this site… only thing ive seen so far is some updates – very cool…


    but we are still missing a comprehensive set of videos to learn from…


    any chance of spending 5-10 mins a day doing at least one video, starting from the basics, cos currently your videos you have are not really helpful to a newbie to coding… thx :)



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    I found a tool to make a video.



    Who will be a voluntary to make the first video to explain the SQ ?

    Or you can explain how we can produce good strategies or someting other ?



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    Hi Thomas.


    It’s not video software we need :)


    However, I just spent an hour or so with Mark on Skype, and I have volunteered to do a set of videos.


    Now, I’m just as much as a newbie to using this software as much as the rest of us on this forum (except a few).


    Mark has agreed to spend some time with me to explain the functions, while I try to create examples on how each function can be used for any strategy you come up with.


    I’d like to add that this process may take a while as I have to learn to use the software, get a good understanding of it, then perform the exercise, create the video, run it by Mark before publishing, and make any edits/re-runs of the video until it’s perfect…


    I want to use this software as much as the rest of us, it would be a real shame to let it fizzle out and die because people don’t know how to use it, or code (I don’t know how to do programming either :) )


    So, here’s what I propose:


    What is it that you are struggling with in particular, do you need more visual examples of how to use each function?


    Be specific as possible so I can cater to everyone’s request.




    Loz :)

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    Hello Loz and thank you for taking this step to work on the SQ videos.


    I have good understanding of downloading the data from Dukascopy or my Broker FXDD and using the typical format data like Dat, Time, OHLC, Volumes. no idea how to do custom indicator process though, although I am not interested in custom indicators yet. 


    lets focus on what I think will make sense to most and myself included.


    I really like this article


    it walks you through the whole process of going from nothing to a working strategy in the end. something in this line would be helpful. going over every slider and button or know would be helpful as an advanced topic but for someone who just purchased the product (me) we want to see some kind of positive negative result not really get into the nitty gritty but get basic idea of creating a strategy no matter how basic the strategy is to get something working in the end. 


    so far I have spent hours and hours on the product and not able to produce anything even remotely useable. so basic walkthrough or simple strategy or process on how to go through all the steps, 


    1: create a pool of candidate strategies from your imported data

    2: go through the filters or filter out bad strategies, test on other symbols

    3: do robustness tests

    4: walk-forward optimization and matrix

    5: maybe some monte carlo processes in there

    6: export generated strategy to MQL and install in your demo or real broker to test (i dont mean strategy test in mt4 but let it do real live or demo tests going forward to see if the strategy is doing what it did inside SQ)


    once I get the above steps down packed then I would say the person would be ready to go through all the tweaks and see how to improve upon the above.


    this is what I think is needed from my perspective, others can chime in. 


    SQ is a nice piece of software, its got nice bells and whistles and would be nice if I can control the beast :)


    thank you,


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    Hello Farid,


    videos aside, I thought this article is quite detailed, it even contains link to the settings.

    Aren’t you able to generate good strategies at leats for EURUSD/GBPUSD using the process described?


    Or is there something that you don’t understand in the article?

    StrategyQuant architect

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