Bug? Put values to parameters misses last parameter

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6 years ago #112985

Hi Mark,


I know you are working hard on SQ4, and that’s great, but I believe I’ve found a bug and want to make sure SQ4 doesn’t contain the same issue.


I have noticed that in the Optimizer, when you select “Put values to parameters” it misses the last parameter off. In other words, in Settings – Parameters there is one more parameter available than gets created, compared to the source code.  The source code is missing the last parameter, it remains a constant in the source code.


I’m wondering if perhaps it’s worth one more release of SQ3 with some of the more severe bugs fixed?






Mark Fric

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6 years ago #127955

Hello Mike, 


thank you for reporting this. I’ll look at it, but we’ll most probably not release new bugfix for version 3, unless some more serious errors are found.

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