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    I get this message when I copy and paste the exact code from OP.
    I would really like to try this out. Any idea why I am getting this?

    “F:\Program Files (x86)\StrategyQuant\StrategyQuant64.exe -J-server -J-Xmx13g -J-XX:+UseParallelGC -J-XX:+UseParallelOldGC -J-XX:+DisableExplicitGC -J-XX:+AggressiveOpts”


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    If you want to make a shortcut to it, you have to use:


    “F:\Program Files (x86)\StrategyQuant\StrategyQuant64.exe” -J-server -J-Xmx13g -J-XX:+UseParallelGC -J-XX:+UseParallelOldGC -J-XX:+DisableExplicitGC -J-XX:+AggressiveOpts

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    Cool, that works! Thanks.

    Wow, its incredibly faster!

    You use these settings always now in SQ? Any disadvantages? Leak become more of an issue?

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    No, all good and even less leaks. Additionally to this launch-line, I´d also recommend to replace the JVM from Oracle to the one from Zulu, you will get even more speed and less RAM usage with this one as it is a straight build of the OpenJDK sources (the original Java) without Oracles branding and other things added to it. You can get it here:  Just install it and afterwards rename the directory “j64” in your StrategyQuant directory to “j64.old”. Create a new “j64” directory and copy the complete Zulu installation into the newly created “j64” directory. All done, time to build strategies:)

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    Leaks way down. 250k gen would put me ~ 3.5-4gigs.
    Now 2.

    I’ll check out Zulu as well.

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    Yes, you will get even less leaks with Zulu, that´s the great thing about it.

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    Geektrader you are the man. Mark please pin this topic.

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    Did it help for you too? Did you also replace the JVM with Zulu or just used the command line?

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    I have just started 2 instances on my intel with command line from the first post, both with max cores set. I dont know how much it will speed up my proces, I do random for weeks so lets wait and see. I cant do proper compare test at the moment, sorry. Have not installed alternative lib yet.

    Have you been thinking about optimized OS for SQ in form of kickstarter? Some people here have been working on unix version with limited support from Mark. Imagine what we can achieve with lets say OpenBSD as base.

    Best regards


    Mark Fric
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    I’m watching this topic, we will use this setting in the new SQ and EAA release. I’m also investigating using Zulu JVM, maybe we’ll include it in the next release instead of standard Java JVM.


    Anyway, thank you for the good work, Geektrader.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    You are welcome. I´ve adjusted post #1 further and did cut the command line down a bit as the Zulu JVM already auto-selects the best garbage collector and it´s best to not specify it in this case because of compatibility with future JVM versions.

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    WOW, thanks for sharing your research!

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    Add the command line  (with 13GB, and I have 16G ) , and replace jre with Zulu.


    Building strategy become more faster.


    Geektrader, your sudy is very valuable. Thank you.


    But when I do “Retest strategies”, It’s not very obvious.


    And I have a question, SQ just only use 6-8G memory (cpu 50-80% used), even I  allocate 13GB in command line.

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    Yes, speed gain is mostly during building and optimizing, retesting is not that affected, not sure why, but at least it also uses less memory:)


    SQ will only use as much RAM as it currently requires. The 13GB are just the maximum it is allowed to take. So it´s normal….

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    Thank you for the knowledge transfer.  


    Side note: Is there any chance of using your GeekGenius to review the new money management simulator in the latest EAA beta?  I can recall you being a little frustrated that it wasn’t possible to accurately apply money management to a portfolio of systems, well the money management sim’ functionality attempts to overcome this challenge. 




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