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    A have another question in this regard, and it is:

    Does a Graphics Card help performance or java does not use it?

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    we do not use GPU for backtesting in StrategyQuant. GPU is only used to display user interface

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    Does it mean SQ is not using highly intensive calculations like Folding@Home or crypto miners?

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    can it be that WindowsServer 2016 does not accept the ZULU installation, for some reason, or does anyone know what settings have to be done in WindowsServer 2016 for ZULU to run on SQ?

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    I am getting chromium crashes and access error with it on v129


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    Hi I need some help,

    I have a problem my PC have 16 cores AMD3950X and 64Gb of RAM and the SQ that I use is the version SQ 3.8.2, is the most that I like it, the problem is that the SQ don’t use all the RAM than I want to use, more or less 60Gb, the maximum that I have seen using was 17Gb.

    How can I improve the memory use in the SQ, in options and performance you can only manage the cores not the memory.

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    times of SQ3 are gone, now its time for SQX

    to use all your CPU power you need to run more SQ3 instances

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    Does anyone know how to increase the CPU?  I have no issues with DRAM on my rig.  It is the CPU that is maxed out for me.  Thanks.

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