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    I have tested it and found that this is not work in SQ4 any longer. I’ll wait and see how SQ4 will be optimized.


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    I also hope that SQ4 will have these 2 problems resolved, the correct amount of memory the program sees and a user can set and the garbage problem

    the biggest impact is in the Monte Carlo robustness tests when it freezes at any level beyond 100 strategies

    so far its like a plane which as long as it flies subsonic its ok but if you want supersonic, it hits a wall

    one option is to test the strategies in smaller clusters

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    A have another question in this regard, and it is:

    Does a Graphics Card help performance or java does not use it?

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    we do not use GPU for backtesting in StrategyQuant. GPU is only used to display user interface

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    Does it mean SQ is not using highly intensive calculations like Folding@Home or crypto miners?

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    can it be that WindowsServer 2016 does not accept the ZULU installation, for some reason, or does anyone know what settings have to be done in WindowsServer 2016 for ZULU to run on SQ?

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Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)

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