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    Just started with Tick Downloader yesterday. I have not seen any instruction on how to operate it. I assume I have to start with the “start download” button after “configure”. I want to download XAUUSD 1m data. But I am receiving this error – “TDD engine – an error occurred opening selector.Done in 2m 38s”


    I have tried several times but still no change. Used another laptop but still wont work. Pls help see log attached.


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    You have a problem with internet connection.

    It seems that your firewall is blocking requests or responses from the server.


    Add exception for TDD in your firewall settings to allow access the internet.



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    Man that did it. Its downloading now.Thanks Tomas

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    ‘‹I have the same problem.
    I already add the program as exception to my firewall, with negative result.
    ‘‹Any other suggest?
    Which is the forward port? I will try with this.

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