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    Hi Support,


    I have successfully downloaded tick data for AUDUSD, as seen in the attached picture. 


    I am now stuck at the stage in which I would like  convert these folders into a csv file to then export into MT4.


    How can I do that? 


    I’d appreciate your help!

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    have you tried to use the Export button or/and configure below that?

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    This is the process i follow:


    1- Download data range (say 5y)


    2-Configure and click convert to csv files box (make sure is checked)


    3-Click export


    After step 3, I get the following notification:



    This is what i get in TD folder:



    I have a suspicion that it may have to do with internet providers in Indonesia blocking certain forex sites, including dukacopsy data storage section…. check the content inside these folders:

   (here, where u read, internet positif, that is the notification when forex sites are blocked)


    What can i do? I should probably be connected to an internet connection not subject to these type of blockages… any idea? 


    I’d appreciate your guidance, so that i can finally get over this week’s struggle. I ve tried every site possible to download data, but i get same issues over and over….

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    you might try to use VPN to avoid possible access blocking. You can use free trial connection for that. Check for example

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    Hi IvanD1983 and Tomas,


    i have exactly the same issue. ivand can you downloaded it now?

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