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    Dear Tomas


    I’m referring to our exchange here, could you please give your inputs?



    1. With regards to Question 2 about tick-data


    Can you confirm, that this:

    is actually tick data. The reason is that I want to be sure that I’m not running some strategy search on “fake” MT4 tick data, but the actual downloaded tick data from let’s say TickData Suite or the Tick Downloader which seems to come with SQ3.


    With regards to generating strategies through real Tick Data, I assume it will be much slower, correct? Would you have any numbers to back this up? ( I understand it’s computer dependent, these here are my specs:– how much time can I expect it to take to generate let’s say 10’000 strategies on 6 years of M15 data when generating with Tick Data?)


    2. How does SQ3 actually find strategies?

    –> Let’s say I include RSI and Stoch for the Entry/Exit and ATR for the Stop loss. Will it then only search with the standard parameters i.e. RSI(14) and Stoch (5,3,3) and ATR(21)? Or does it actually run through EVERYTHING? I’m asking because we have found that sometimes “sharpening” the entry rules, i.e. making them stricter like RSI(14) sell only when above 85 (and not 70 as is standard) is actually quite beneficial in filtering out “bad” signals.


    3. When can we expect StrategyQuant4 and what will be the pricing?

    –> I’m very much interested in the idea of setting up a workflow, which seems possible from what I read so far.


    4. Lastly a more philosophical question, if I may: I understand that this product has the potential to generate profitable trading strategies, so, why are you selling it?


    Thank you very much.


    Best regards


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    1) Zdenek talks about saving development time by using minute data instead of tick data. It still provides good testing precision for most operations


    2) SQ can create conditions like LongEntryCondition = (RSI(148) > 38.509998) if you meant that


    3) We haven’t established pricing policy yet. We will announce probably once SQ4 final is ready


    4) StrategyQuant is just a tool. A useful tool for traders that are always looking for new opportunitie in the markets. Just as a trading platform or any other analytical tool on the market (could name hundreds …).

    Trading the edge, risk management application and ‘pulling the trigger’ itself with your own money it is another topic …

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