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    Hi There,


    I have some strats that are promising which were generated with the end on Friday setting.  Looking at the trades by day it’s clear that opening a trade on Friday only too close it again is negatively impacting performance.

    I have tried editing the strategies in Algo Wizard to prevent it from opening trades on Friday.  As there is no “Current Day of Week Is Not” equivalent to the “Current Day of Week is Friday” I have tried using the “Bar Day of week <> [5]” and “Current Day of Week <> [5]” options.  Both of them still have trades on Friday when checking the retests.

    I wonder if this is due to the EST+7 time zone but can’t seem to figure a way to shift this around? I would assume this would be using the shifted times in the dataset anyway so I am not sure why it continues to trade on Friday.  Any advice appreciated!


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    are your strategies STOP ones? if so, you are operating only pending orders, so the open order on friday could be from thursday pending order

    try to upload some of your “improved” strat here

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    please upload a strategy sample so we can test it. Alternatively you can send to

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    Ahh I think hankeys has got it, you are correct this is only using stop orders.  There’s a column for Original Open Time which when I go through manually and check, there’s no trades being opened on Friday, so trades are definitely not getting opened on Friday, now i’m wondering if it’s just the stop getting triggered or if the pending orders are also getting modified to Friday’s after being placed on an earlier day, which would also make sense.

    I’ll do some extra testing when I get home, I think i’ll need to run it in MT4 and check the modify logs, although I’m assuming this will be the case.

    Clever thinking hankeys, thanks for the help and quick responses guys!


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