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    Am having various issues with the speed of downloading of data sets.
    Have done a full diagnostics on the network and found zero issues, also had the ISP tech guys visit the office and did a test on the bandwidth and we are getting the full compliment.
    When downloading a EUR/USD for a period of 2003 – 2021 (tick data) the file size from dukascopy was 2.3mb and downloaded within a minute.
    BUt when downloading the same symbol and timeframe in the platform then speed is downloading at 7mbs which is confirmed on the connection but it takes hours to download…

    So have confirmed this is not a ISP throttling issue it must be related to the software.
    Hope for some guidance on where else to look as I also tried to upload the file but this also took a very long time..


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    tick data is huge amount so it can easily take a long time even with unlimited data download (supposing you have a full license and CDN connection active). I usually get speed up to 50mbits per sec with our CDNs using my line. If you have any troubles with your connection you might first check a VPN to bypass any possible obstacles. No need to pay to test you can try search “safe vpn trial” to test this

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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