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    Checking the logic of my strategies there’s something I don’t understand regarding the SQX parameters. My question is, I set these parameters to look for strategies with 1 or 2 entry conditions and only 1 exit condition as you can see on the screenshot.


    However, when I open the Source code of one of my Strategies generated with these parameters, I see the variables ExitSignals = false. See screensot.


    Shouldn’t I have some condition on the ExitSignals?? I defined minimum 1 exit condition on the parameters!! Also, maximum 1 exit condition. That is: I want 1 and only 1 Exit condition.


    How is that possible that SQX build strategies without Exit conditions? Is that a bug??


    I didn’t want to report a bug before sharing here. Maybe I’m missing something. For instance; moving SL to BE is considered an Exit condition…


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    Digging a little more. Could the Exit after Bars condition, and so the BarsValid parameter on the code, be considered as an Exit condition?? It doesn’t make too much sense to me, but who knows…

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    the number of conditions you set is considered to be a maximum. If you set max exit conditions =3 there will never be more than 3 exit conditions used but there can be none, one, two or three.

    If you want all your strategies to contain the exit rule block you need to check the “required” parameter in the blocks setting

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    yes, exit bars is not an exit signal – you need to have checked the “required” in exit rule building block – if its optional the strategy could be still without it

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    Oh. My Good! I hadn’t the required check on the ‘Exit Rule’ parameter. I completely missed that field.


    Thank you for your answers. Very helpful indeed!

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