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    Hi everyone,


    I am on a trial of SQ right now and having difficulty getting any results to show up. It’s strange, sometimes I will get hundreds of results almost immediately, and in the case I’m posting about now, I let is run for an hour and it rejected all 6.2 million strategies. I must be doing something wrong, or perhaps there is a bug with what I am looking for.


    My goal is to build a tiny scalping strategy for a single stock. I want it to find a way to take a $0.04 profit off of CATB. Intraday trading only on a M1 chart. I’ve attached my settings file here. If anyone could please take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong, I would really appreciate it!!


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    If you disable slippage, spread and commission and set to 0 then strategies are produced. With your setting you cannot get the strategy you want I am afraid. If you increase the timeframe you have a better chance to get higher avg trade net profit

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