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    There is a strange bug on , when I use builtin commands like AV ( average volume ) or simple Open() Close(), the final sourcecode uses Heikin Ashi on MT5 tester , look at this simple strategy I have attached, I never used anything related to Heikin Ashi but when I test the output expert  on MT5 not only it attaches HeikinAshi indicator to the chart,  but also it uses Heikin Ashi Open Close prices in it’s calculation instead of simple Open Close .

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    this is normal. You signals are evaluated correctly using normal OHLC prices even if HA chart is displayed in MT5

    As for your conditions set up – you do not need use code like Abs(Close[1]) … this does not make any sense since market price is always (positive > 0)

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    But I noticed that some signals where not triggered because the Open / Close price was different from ordinary open close price ( the expert used HA )

    Can you please say that why HA indicator keeps attaching to the charts ?

    Is there any trick to get rid of that ?

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