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    Dear together,

    i think this software (StrategyQuant) is very interessting but also very expensive. So i have some questions about this Software and the Organization behind this, before i maybe will purchase it:

    1. For me it is very important that the Software will be developed more and more. So i searched alread for comments and tests about this software in the internet via google.
    Now i see more and more, that some links do not work anymore. For example when i logon this forum, you offer me to download a e-book from this site:

    but this site do not work.

    Some simulary experience was doing also in the software by them self. Under the Option “Home”, where you offer me also artikles to read, they are do not work anymore…….

    I was also sending you some request via your Support-E-Mail, but i do not get response since 1 week. Why?

    2. The TickDownloader is working very instabl. I was trying to download datas from 2010 but he crashed permanently. I mean with it the TickDownloader stopped simply do download. He do not give any response, nothing…..he simply stopped.
    I mean im in a luxury position because i have Tickstory but there i have the thematic that the tickdatas from there are not 100% in this format that StratagyQuant need. So i was sending you an E-Mail on your Support-E-Mail but i do not get response, till now…..since 1 Week around.
    For me a the quality of the tickdatas are very important so before i will by StratagyQuant i want to have a solution for this Problem.

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    1. You have to be logged in to download a pdf. Which means you have to buy a license i think.
    2. Tickdownloader works fine mostly. Depends on Dukascopy who supply the data and last week i saw people had problem downloading data but i think it had something to do with the supplier of data. If it drops connection it has some time problem resuming without a restart.

    We who have bought the program have great support that is my experince anyway and the staff is very responsive. Also this webpage has recently been updated and there is a bug report center for that one aswell. There is many users of this program and a new beta realease of SQ4 and the staff i beleive is bombarded by request in regards to it and i hope working 24/7 to fix the bugs. I rather hope they stop selling it and lets us keep it for our selves , he he.

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    did you try the link that i was posting? I was logged on and i can not download it. I still can not download it.

    This is not the only problem that i had. When i will be at home i will upload a screenshot from a other defect link.

    The Problem with the Tickdownloader can not be depend on Dukascopy. If i can download in a fantastic spead with tickstory (they use also dukascopy) than it should be possible with Tickdownloader too because both of them using the same source.

    I was using both of them in the same time an with Tickdownloader it was really bad performance.

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    Hello Marcel,

    recently we have migrated our website so some old links can be disabled now. The new2 subdomain was only temporary for the migration period and is now obsolete. The ebook we offer is provided as a part of bonus pack for customer purchasing StrategyQuant Pro license. If you are interested in some offer for StrategyQuant please send us email to We monitor email through the week so you definitely should receive an answer.

    We also had some issues with TickDownloader (slow download speed) but it seems to be resolved now with version 4.5.0 (available for download

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    All right. Will try the tickdownloader again and give you directly feedback. Thank you!

    I guess you will update the links as soon is possible?

    This link also do not work:

    Thanks in advance!

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    Marcel, follow this page for docs and tutorials

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    Tickdownloader is working much more better. One time it was crashing but after reboot Tickdownloader was working again. Thank you!

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