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    Hi, after tick downloading with UTC+1 EUR/USD from dukascopy with tickdownloader I get after export 3 files:

    – EURUSD_M1_UTC+1_00_DK_M1    (283 MB)
    – EURUSD_tick_DK_M1                          (14 GB)
    – EURUSD_tick_UTC+1_00_DK_M1   (14GB)

    Depending from the HD space, after creation the M1_UTC+1 file, do I really need further the other both tick files with extremly disk space when I only want test in M1 and higher?

    Regards Chris



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    Because this is the main file:


    The other ones are created by this file. You was giving the settings for the other file in the settings of tickdownloader.



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    Thanks for your help, but in the configuration it is not possible to deselect the flag for tick data, it is premarked and gray.

    So this means for me, I can delete the tick data manually or did you know how I can change the presettings that I only downlad the minute data and not the tick data (see the attachment)

    Regards Chris

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    the tick data is always process and saved. It cannot be deselected. Once the data is exported into minute data you can delete tick data CSV files

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