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    Hi guys, I was testing MyMT4Book, and I would like to have a toy similar to this one.

    I downloaded the demo version and it’s really interesting to play with it, even more practical than myfxbook or similars, but it’s very expensive! and more if you know that myfxbook is free.

    MyMT4Book Demo

    Would it be very difficult to create a similar tool but at a fairer cost for SQ users?

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    Hi, what exactly information are you interested in?

    From what I understand MyMT4Book groups trades by symbols or magic number and then displays the information per this group.
    Do you want to display this grouped info in SQ?

    In SQ you usually test EA on one symbol with one magic number, so you don’t need to group it.
    We can add anything to SQ, but please try to think about how you want it and try to explain it better.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    Hello Mark!

    Sorry for not being specific, after to read you I saw my mistake. I put the post in the wrong place.

    SQ4 is superior in every way and that simple indicator has nothing to contribute it.

    What I’m looking for is a similar indicator, that allows me monitoring my portfolio in real time in a more optimal way than myfxbook does.

    Of course MyMT4book likes me, but I am not willing to pay almost 200 dollars for something that besides of simple, only has a year of support.

    However, after trying the demo I liked it, and I think it would be a very useful tool for everyone here, so, I want to find someone to develop it and sell it at an appropriate price. And I’d love StrategyQuant to do it.

    StrategyQuant gives us almost all the tools we need to be profitable from start to finish, the only service I need to use from a third party is myfxbook and the problem with this is that when it has many EAs it becomes very impractical. That’s why I believe that with a tool that allows us to monitor our strategies in real time, StrategyQuant would close the full cycle of a trader’s needs.

    Find data = Tick downloader
    Search Strategies / Create Strategies = SQ / EA Wizard
    Improve Strategies = SQ / EA Wizard
    Optimize = SQ
    Review robustness = SQ
    Analyze results = SQ / QuantAnalyzer
    Find Weak Points and Potential for Improvement = QuantAnalyzer
    Build Optimal Portfolios = QuantAnalyzer
    Best Money Management = QuantAnalyzer
    Review real-time strategies = Myfxbook (not practical)

    I know there are many ways to review this, I could import it into excel or the same myfxbook or fxblue, but honestly that little tool called MyMT4book is very practical and intuitive when you add a lot of strategies.

    Is just an idea, I really do not know how much work this requires, and I am very pleased with everything you give us

    Best regards

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