StrategyQuant is a unique piece of software that seeks, backtests and optimizes strategies automatically and does not require programming skills. The strategy can be easily saved in MetaTrader, TradeStation, or NinjaTrader formats.

Strategy building

It seeks and backtests strategies automatically based on required parameters.

No programming

You don't have to be a programmer to use your own algorithms for trading.

Improve your strategies

You can improve your strategies, add intelligent money management and thus come to better results.

Robustness testing

Robustness tests allow you to choose the best strategies and thus maximize your profit in real trading.

It is easy to create strategies that you wouldn't normally think of and therefore you are not limited by your own experience. It is easy to find hundreds of different strategies, and to perform high quality backtesting for different markets and timeframes on them to ensure the best robustness possible.

StrategyQuant contains a very detailed overview of the parameters of the strategy and therefore allows to analyze thoroughly its results. It also includes high quality tools that allow to test the quality of the strategy and thus improve its results in real trading.

Our customers' experience confirms that the combination of StrategyQuant and effort and learning leads to very profitable portfolios of strategies.

Supported platforms: