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Un modo per iniziare
$ 1290
  • Builder (strategy generator)
  • Retester
  • Strategy Improver
  • Robustness Tests
  • Simple & Walk-Forward Optimizer
  • Custom projects workflow
  • Lifetime license
  • One year support & upgrades
  • EA Wizard full licence included
  • QuantAnalyzer full licence included


Soluzione Professionale
$ 1790
  • Builder (strategy generator)
  • Retester
  • Strategy Improver
  • Robustness Tests
  • Simple & Walk-Forward Optimizer
  • Custom projects workflow
  • Lifetime license
  • One year support & upgrades
  • EA Wizard full licence included
  • QuantAnalyzer full licence included


Versione Ultimate
$ 4990
  • Builder (strategy generator)
  • Retester
  • Strategy Improver
  • Robustness tests
  • Simple and Walk-Forward Optimizer
  • Custom projects workflow
  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime support & upgrades
  • EA Wizard full license included
  • QuantAnalyzer full license included
  • All future addon modules included *

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Aditional bonuses with every purchase:
  • Algotrading Online Video Course (56 lessons)
  • E-book with step-by-step know-how


Why is StrategyQuant X the best choice?

  • Unparalelled set of features
  • No programming required
  • Allows you to build your own portfolio of algo strategies
  • Automated ovetfitting protection to ensure your strattegies are robust
  • Support and educational materials from us
  • 50% discounts for all our other products
  • New features are added constantly

Is the code of a strategy locked?

No, program outputs complete source code for your trading platform – you can use and alter it if you want.

Will I get upgrades after one year?

Your license is valid for lifetime, but you have access to upgrades for one year since purchase. If you’ll want to upgrade to a nevest version after this period you’ll have to purchase an upgrade for another year, which costs 30% of the standard license price.

Can I upgrade from Starter to Pro / Ultimate?

Sure, just contact us and we will send you upgrade link.

What does "All future addon modules are included" mean in Ultimate version?

In the future we might add some additional modules or plugins for the program. Most of them will be a standard part of SQ as our continuous program improvement and all users will be able to use them in their free upgrades. 

However, some special very advanced modules might not be a part of the standard distribution and will have to be purchased extra. Ultimate users will get ALL addons for free as a part of their license.

Can SQ be used for stocks, commodities, crypto?

Yes, SQ can work with virtually any market, the underlying logic is the same. You can import data for any market, and create strategies based on them.

Can I get a refund of my order?

Because we offer fully functional trial version  we don’t provide refunds. Please take advantage of the free trial  before purchase.

Can I use SQ on multiple computers?

Yes, if you own full license we will give you a Starter license for second computer upon request. If you want to use SQ on more computers please contact us for a special pricing.

What our users say ?

I can tell you that your customer service, support and advice (hardware) was a big influence in my decision to go with you guys.

And of course the fact the software and your plan for it's development is brilliant, thorough and unmatched in the industry at this price point.
Robert, Netherlands
I have recently purchased StrategyQuant and have been absolutely delighted by the fast response of their support team.
It is such a welcome relief to find such professional support staff that supplement such a fantastic product offering. I cannot recommend StrategyQuant products and services highly enough.
Richard Brennan
Director, ATS Group Pty Ltd
StrategyQuant is a powerful software for the development of strategies for online trading, as well as many options for construction integrates all the necessary tests to verify the robustness of the strategies.
If you start from scratch with automatic trading I recommend a course to correctly use the software.

The package also includes Quant Analyzer, software needed for portfolio analysis and construction, and EA Wizard an excellent program to develop trading ideas without knowing MQL programming.

The customer service is exceptional they are very friendly and knowledgeable, they answer questions and requests very quickly. If you want to develop automatic trading portfolios exploiting the power of the PC and without knowing the programming language I highly recommend the purchase of the software package.
Alberto, Italy
I've been using strategy quant and have been able to complete 25+ profitable strategies added to my automated system.

This is great thing that I can grow my savings without having to spend much time in front of the charts.
Ryan from Freehold, NJ USA
StrategyQuant helped me understand what I need to start trading in a profitable way. Even if I don't have (yet) the chance to buy the full licence, during the free trial period I could learn the basics on how to use the software correctly. It sure needs practice, but it will be worth it and you'll get the strategies you need to build a portfolio. The tutorials sent by the developers are simple and very useful.
Fabio, Italy
I first started using SQ3 Professional. Being a full-stack Quant Trader, including StrategyQuant in my R&D arsenal was always a tremendous help in bolstering my existing work against capacity constraints and general underlying market “efficiencies”.

With SQX Professional however, I feel the guys at SQ have taken things to a whole new level.. they've taken my "one" major complaint of the R&D process being time-consuming and cumbersome, and revamped their whole product from the ground up to solve EXACTLY that!

SQX is without a doubt, a massive upgrade to SQ3, its multi-asset/TF and parallelized Monte Carlo capabilities making it a tool I will frequent a lot more than before.

Thank you to your entire team for this effort - a HUGE well done to you all.
Quant Trader & DARWIN Provider @ Darwinex
If someone thinks they'll install SQ, and he'll get a super profitable universal strategy after pressing the button, he is wrong. SQ is not about that.

In SQ trader gets a powerful tool for building, testing, and optimizing algo strategies, but the final result depends on the trader. SQ can work in 100 + 1 ways and each can lead to the ultimate a goal.

I enjoy this - after pressing the Start button I'll not receive a BLACKBOX, but I know the entry and exit conditions, I know how it behaved in the selected markets and timeframes and I know what results I can expect. There is still a big part of ME in the process. Well, and SQ got rid of that boring mechanical work over Excel and searching in backtest charts...
StrategyQuant is a great program that uses the power of your PC to create new trading strategies, so you have time for further education in trading.

Developing new strategies would be useless if they could not be tested. In these extensive tests is the power of StrategyQuant. From simple tests (like spread, slippage, timeframes) to complex MonteCarlo and Walk Forward Matrix tests. This will help you filter out the malfunctioning strategies and you will get an idea of how successful strategies might behave in the future.

Surely it's not about setting Strategy Quant, starting generating, put the final strategi to live account and next day you are millionaires.
It certainly does not work like this. It will be a lot of work. It's not for everyone, but if you are willing to put up the effort, StrategyQuant can make the development and testing easier.
Tomas D.
I purchased StrategyQuant in December 2011 and have been using it daily since then, simply put - it's an amazing piece of software. So far I have created several EA's that perform very well on backtest, so much so I've added them to my live accounts.

In the past i was disappointed with commercial EA results and to this day I am convinced that when a profitable commercial EA is released that brokers quickly find a way of neutralising it at their end via the MT4 broker plugins. With GB I can automatically develop and test trading strategies that nobody (especially my broker) in world knows about, or, is using and profit from them.
Support for the product is also excellent with a members forum, detailed instructions and new version releases.

I congratulate Mark and the team at StrategyQuant for this game-changing software....
Neil Rickaby
StrategyQuant is like a 'Swiss Army Knife' for Statistical and Systematic Trading - it has provided me with the necessary tools to effectively learn, discover and develop many new trading strategies, manage and assess the risk, and use my time more efficiently to test 1000's of strategies robustly and automatically from home within a short time-frame.

With the right knowledge, education and experience, StrategyQuant can be a very powerful tool, as I learn to grow as a systematic trader and continuously develop my own portfolio over time.

Becoming a systematic trader will take time, using StrategyQuant as a tool will help me shorten this journey as I learn how to streamline the process of develop profitable trading strategies and discover a consistent workflow that works for me... and live to trade another day.