MT4 Trade Analysis tool

MTQA is provided for FREE, there are no hidden charges

MT QuantAnalyzer is a new FREE tool from StrategyQuant. It is available as a “plugin” in MT4 and visualizes your account trading history with a click of the button. You can easily view and analyze your real or demo trading results, view equity chart and advanced metrics such as Sharpe ratio, R Expectancy etc.

MTQA was created using StrategyQuant trade analysis engine, to give all MT4 users possibility to analyze and visualize their trades.


Icon on your chart

After installation MTQA is available as an icon on your chart.


When clicking on the icon, it will open a new window with your Account history visualization.

Organize trades by symbols, Magic numbers or comments

When configured, MTQA can create a separate subgroups of your trades by symbol, Magic number (useful when running multiple EAs) or comments.

You can view results for each of these groups alone as well as for the whole portfolio.

Overview screen

Displays various metrics from simple such as Profit and Drawdown to advanced like Sharpe ratio, R Expectancy, CAGR, Z_Score etc.


All the stats are computed automatically from loaded account history.


Note that you can switch between subresults and Long / Short side and display Overview using multiple views (templates).

List of trades

Displays the obvious – list of trades. 


Again, it can be filtered by subresult or Long / Short side.


It displays details for every trade – for example its P/L, duration etc.

Equity chart

Displays equity for every sub result separately, all of them together and whole portfolio (full account history).


It also displays drawdown and volume, chart based on Trades or Time and many other options – stagnation, growing points.

Trade analysis

Displays yearly results and configurable mini-charts of various properties:

 Long vs Short P/L
 Long vs Short trades

 Profit v sLoss

PL Growth by duration

 PL by day of week

PL by hour

Long vs Short trades

and much more… 


Download MT QuantAnalyzer installator using the link below:

Last version 1.0.0, released 23.11.2018

MT QuantAnalyzer installer

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Please note that this is the very fist version of this tool. If you experience any problems please let us know using our support email


Installation is simple:


1. Download and run MTQA installer using the link above


2. Open your MetaTrader, go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors and enable “Allow DLL imports”


3. in Navigator window go to Indicators, find new indicator MTQuantAnalyzer and add it to a chart.


4. MTQA icon will be placed on your chart. You can then invoke MTQA anytime by clicking on the icon:


What's New

MT QuantAnalyzer version 1.1

Released 26.9.2019

Bugfixes release, fixing reported bugs.

  • Fixed loading of cancelled order
  • Fixed sorting by columns in List of trades
  • Fixed exclude deposits

MT QuantAnalyzer version 1.0

Released 10.9.2019

First version of MT QuantAnalyzer tool

  • Installs as an icon on MT4 chart
  • Analyzes account trading history
  • Displays Overview using multiple templates
  • Displays List of trades
  • Displays equity chart(s)
  • Displays trade analysis
  • Allows organizing trades into subresults according to symbol or EA (MagicNumber, Comment)