Preview & Screenshots

Builder & strategies generation


Builder is the core of the program. It generates new unique trading strategies and  backtests them immediately. 


What to build is config where you specify what exactly you want to generate or improve. 


Cross checks will be automatically applied to every generated strategy that passes basic filtering process and they will further test strategy robustness.

Data config allows you to specify your data for optional multiple charts, along with trading options like spread and slippage. 


Building blocks allow you to choose signals and indicators to be used in your strategies. 


Advanced filtering – Configure how strategies should be ranked (by their Net profit, Return/Drawdown, etc.) and which undesirable strategies to filter out.

Reviewing strategies

Databank is a database where the generated strategies are stored.

SQ Results Overview

Strategy performance overview


Trade analysis – showing various aspects of the strategy


Trades displayed on chart


Equity chart with MAE / MFE and drawdown displayed


Monte Carlo simulation of a strategy

Full source code of a strategy

This preview shows only a small part of the StrategyQuant functionality. There are many more features in the program – Optimizer, Retester, Custom projects, integrated AlgoWizard and Data Manager, making it the most powerful solution available.

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