Extended report

Clearly arranged HTML report

Click on the images to show

Supports reports from many platforms

It is possible to easily add other platforms to the software. If there is one that you are missing, contact us.

Advanced statistics

Statistics such as Sharpe Ratio, Return/Drawdown ratio, AHPR, Z-score, Deviation, Expectancy


How long did it take before new high was created on equity?

AVG profit

It calculates CAGR and average profit in a day, month and a year, in money, pips, or percentage

Monthly performance

You can see results of each month in the year separately

Results after days of the week or hours  

It is easy to see in which days and hours the strategy is profitable and in which it isn‘t

Switching between values in USD/pips/percentage

Gives you a different perspective of the results of your strategy

Portfolio report

Combine results of multiple strategies and create a clearly arranged report from the entire portfolio

Drawdown chart

Together with equity shows you a drawdown chart

Analysis of portfolio correlation

Calculates correlation of strategies in the portfolio based on daily, weekly, or monthly results

Separate statistics for the LONG and SHORT side

You can see separate statistics for LONG and SHORT trades and find out, in what evironment the strategy works or does not work

Over 20 different charts with statistics

Trades, profit and loss, number of trades, number of profitable and loss trades, you can see all these in the statistics over hours, days of the week, days, months, years

How does it work?

QuantAnalyzer is software for Windows that you can easily get as a free version here. Its use is easy:

  • Save a backtest or results in a platform as a report
  • Open QuantAnalyzer and load the report

QuantAnalyzer then goes through all trades in the report and creates its own clearly arranged report with which you can then work, save it as HTML, etc.