Package com.strategyquant.datalib

package com.strategyquant.datalib
Data classes for manipulation with charts - symbols, timeframes, data, instruments.
  • Class Summary
    Chart definition - holds settings of one chart like symbol, timeframe, date from - to, instrument info, etc.
    Data definition - holds settings of underlying data for a chart, for example data file name, number of records, etc.
    Special array object storing double values.
    Instrument definition - holds settings of given instrument, for example tick size, tick step, point value, etc.
    Special small object holding most important iformation about a symbol.
    Object holding data for one tick - ask & bid price, session times, symbol & connection hash, etc.
    Helper object to compare and manage timeframes
    Event type constants
  • Exception Summary
    Special trading exception - usually thrown when there is an exception during trading