Constant Field Values



  • com.strategyquant.datalib.TimeframeManager 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int PRECISION_BASE_TF 2
    public static final int PRECISION_SELECTED_TF 1
    public static final java.lang.String TF_D1 "D1"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H1 "H1"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H12 "H12"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H2 "H2"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H3 "H3"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H4 "H4"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H6 "H6"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_H8 "H8"
    public static final int TF_INT_UNKNOWN -2
    public static final java.lang.String TF_INTRADAY "Intraday"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_M1 "M1"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_M15 "M15"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_M3 "M3"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_M30 "M30"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_M5 "M5"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_MONTHLY "Monthly"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_TICK "TICK"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_UNKNOWN "unknown"
    public static final java.lang.String TF_WEEKLY "Weekly"
  • com.strategyquant.datalib.UpdateEventTypes 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int BarClose 3
    public static final int BarOpen 2
    public static final int BarTick 4
    public static final int BarTickWithCloseTick 6
    public static final int Multiple 5
    public static final int None 1
    public static final int OrderFilled 7
    public static final int Unknown 0
  • com.strategyquant.tradinglib.robustnesstests.FitnessData 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final double NOT_STABLE -1.7976931348623157E308