What's new in StrategyQuant

Check out what’s new in the current version of StrategyQuant.

Build 111

Released September 2018 (v. 111)

    • New installer and updater
      new installer and more reliabe autoupdater
      There are now two exe files: StrategyQuantX.exe (default one) checks for updates upon start
      StrategyQuantX_nocheck.exe doesn’t checks for updatesBecause of this change, also the config file was renamed to StrategyQuantX_nocheck.config
    • Updated UI
      improved Home page, renamed to Getting started. Link to new SQ Programming project added.
    • Cleaner simple settings screen
    • Fixed backtesting and trading issues
      multiple reported trading issues fixed (differenvces between 108 and 110 trading), strategies between SQ 3 and SQ X behave almost the same, tests between SQ X and MT 4/5 match.
    • Fixed Data manager problems
      fixed bug when creating new symbol and downloading data
    • Realistic gaps handling, Min/Max SL/PT trading options
      new trading options added

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.