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Build 125

Released November 2019 (v. 125)

  • Build packed with new features and bug fixes

    • Fixed reported issues in Tradestation / MultiCharts engine
      we made a lot of effort improving TS/MC engine, the backtests in SQ should now match trading in these platforms. If you’ll experience differences please make sure you use the same settings – data and sessions.
      Please re-import our custom functions for Tradestation/MultiCharts from \custom_indicators\Tradestation
    • Fixed Pivot indicator in range for all platforms.
      Please reimport it to your trading platform and retest your strategies if you use one of these indicators. The change should affect only some edge cases, most likely it will not change the results of your strategies
    • Added new data parts – In Sample Validation, No trade, possibility of computing metrics separately for every part
      This enables for better control of evolution and better filtering by metrics of every part separately. Now you can check whether strategy is stable in multiple different periods.
      Article about it
    • Automatic retest task – level 2
      automatic retest task for custom project that allows specifying exactly which configuration parts should be overwritten
    • New genetic evolution visualization charts
      displaying all three parts including times of restart
    • Added new data sources to Data manager – Yahoo stocks and crypto exchanges
    • Saving resources in project config
      when loading config/strategy with unknown symbol or session, SQ will offer creating them from previously saved specification.
    • Better parameter categorization for optimization and source code
      added new Recommended parameters that contain only the parameters that “should” be available for configuration – periods + used entry & exit constants
    • Price and volatility of main symbol displayed together with equity
      this enables to check if strategy was profitable only in certain conditions – in trend or high/low volatility
    •  Numerous reported issues fixed

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.