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Build 120

Released April 2019 (v. 120)

  • Over 200 bugs fixed, stability improved, some new features, added new data options.

    • Fixed all known issues in Tradestation engine
      Please re-import our custom functions for Tradestation/MultiCharts from \custom_indicators\Tradestation
    • Optimized strategy format for faster loading/saving – because of this, strategies generated in B120 will not have stats if you load them to older versions of SQ X, there will be zeroes. Just retest them to recompute the values in old version.
    • Added support for SQ Data Subscription for Equities and Futures – Beta version.
    • Added support for Darwinex data import.
    • Optimized and faster UI in custom projects.
    • Over 200 other reported bugs fixed.

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.