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Build 123

Released August 2019 (v. 123)

  • Bigger update. Over 200 bugs were fixed, some new features added.

    • Fixed reported issues in Tradestation / MultiCharts engine
      Please re-import our custom functions for Tradestation/MultiCharts from \custom_indicators\Tradestation

    • Fixed indicators Fibo, Pivots a Highest/Lowest in range for all platforms.
      Please retest your strategies if you use one of these indicators

    • Fixed issues with multi-TF strategies for Tradestation and MultiCharts
      backtesting strategies with intraday and daily data should now work correctly
    • Improved Getting started page, added Product tours
    • Improved Walk-Forward results
      made it easier to understand, with matrix results clearly visible for all runs

    • New Monte Carlo tests options
      Added possibility to run In sample vs Full sample and specify backtest precision
    • Added tag cloud to several places for easier pick up
      of most frequently used options

    • Added possibility to specify range of values in Random placeholders
      in strategy template
    • Memory and speed improvements
      in UI, databanks and backend. It should result in more optimal memory usage
    • Fixed reported symmetry issues
      in strategy rules negation
    • Totally over 200 bugs fixed

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.