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Build 127

Released April 2020 (v. 127)

  • New major features added to StrategyQuant, plus a lot of bugfixes.

    • Feature – Greatly improved automation using command line (CLI) interface
      this will allow running most of the things from command line:
      – starting and working with projects
      – loading, saving strategies from databanks
      – running SQ without UI, only using commands
      – automation using scripts
      Documentation: CLI Documentation
    • Feature – Construction of your own custom building blocks without programming in AlgoWizard
      – possibility to build new building blocks in AW without programming in Java
      – import/export of these building blocks to share them between users
      – first version limited to signal and price level blocks
      Documentation: Custom blocks
    • Feature – Improved generation from templates
      it will be possible to choose exactly which blocks should be used for every random placeholder
      Documentation: Random groups
    • Feature – Custom indicators as data
      import custom indicators as data and use them in SQ
      Documentation: Custom data indicators
    • Feature – New custom project tasks
      focused on better automation and cooperation with external programs:
      – Update data
      – Log databank stats
      – Wait for user/file
      – Delete file
      – Call external script
      Documentation: to be added
    • Feature – Realistic gaps handling for MT4
      MT4 strategy tester doesn’t handle gaps realistically. SQ simulated it in the same way to be 100% compatible, but we added an option to turn realistic gaps handling on
    • Feature – Added weekly and monthly timeframe
    • Feature – Improved Code editor, debug console
      improvements in Code editor, new debug console for custom snippets development.
      Documentation: to be added
    • Numerous reported issues fixed

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.