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Build 129

Released August 2020 (v. 129)

  • “Bug-free” release – the goal was to fix all the reported bugs. Overal over 300+ bugs and 100+ feature tasks were solved.

    Note – smaller issues are reported continually every few days, we will fix them in the new release.

    • Changed computation of Hammer a PiercingLine candle patterns that fixed pattern matching errors. Please retest your strategies that use these two patterns
    • Fixed IsRising/IsFalling conditions with price blocks in EasyLanguage, there was a bug.

    Please re-import custom SQ indicators to your trading platform (Steps after installation)  and retest your strategies that use these blocks in both SQ and your trading platform.

    • Added new What-If cross check
      major feature – new type of fast cross check that allows simulating various scenarios:
    • Added measuring optimization parameter stability for Walk-Forward optimizations
      it measures how much parameters change between optimization runs. Available both on WF Result page and as new databank columns.
    • Added new Date generated, Date modified databank columns 
    • Added new Fractals indicator

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.