Welcome to StrategyQuant

We are a fintech software development company specializing on algo trading and machine learning.


12Years of development


We are making algo trading simple!

by creating a new, no-code class of trading tools to give all traders access to the newest advancements in algo trading and research.

Our goal is to democratize and open the world of algo trading also for non programmers.

We help traders from all over the world reach profitability by using quantified approach to trading.

Tools and technology for algo traders.

It started with a dream about algorithmic trading with technology only big funds and banks have at their disposal – initially only for our own use.

However, there were no such tools available, so being developers we started to develop them ourselves.

One thing led to another and we have currently a portfolio of products targeted to automated trading.

Main office & development

Prague, CZE

StrategyQuant s.r.o.
Korunni 2569/108 101 00 Prague
Czech Republic, EU
VAT ID: CZ04000498

[email protected]

Hong Kong / Asia office

Hong Kong

Quastic Ltd
Bonham Trade Centre
50 Bonham Strand
Hong Kong

[email protected](Chinese support)

We believe we can improve how trading is done now, and by this improve the whole trading environment and the world economic situation as a result.

Jan Rohrbacher, Head of International Dev.