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Timothy Masters Internal Profit Factor

clonexNovember 22, 2022

When evaluating the success of a trading strategy, a strategy developer can use a large number of strategy metrics. One of them is the profit factor. Profit Factor may be …

New indicators are available September 2022

clonexSeptember 22, 2022

We have added several new indicators and snippets to the sharing server in recent months. In today’s blog post, we’ll briefly go through each of them.   Ehlers Hilber Transform …

StrategyQuant connects young talents with algo-trading

Kornel MazurJuly 14, 2022

I would like to thank StrategyQuant s.r.o. for providing free licenses for the algorithmic trading club I run at my high school Střední odborná škola průmyslová a Střední odborné učiliště …