Analyze Your Strategies and Trading Results

Find weak points and potential for improvement.

Run Monte Carlo tests and What-If simulations.

Build optimal portfolios and choose the best Money Management.

Runs on Windows 10/8.1/7

Analyze results of your real accounts or backtests
and find space for improvement.

Extensive reports

With advanced metrics like Sharpe, stagnation, monthly performance, correlation...

Advanced simulations

Run Monte Carlo, Money management, What-If, Equity control simulations

Extendable & scriptable

Add your own metrics and functionality - extendable without limits by plug-ins and snippets

Portfolio Master

Choose the right uncorrelated strategies to construct the perfect portfolio

QuantAnalyzer helps you improve your trading results

Analyze your backtests or real trading results in a quantified way – use detailed analysis and advanced simulations to identify potential for improvement

All favorite trading and tracking platforms are supported

Just one click to load strategy backtest or real trades into QuantAnalyzer.

QuantAnalyzer Features

Extensive and detailed reports

Having all the information about your strategy or porfolio at your disposal is like having good eyesight. The clearly arranged overview from QuantAnalyzer allows you to have all the necessary information in one place.

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What-if scenarios

Use What-If scenarios to simulate trading with different conditions, for example only in some hours or on some days.

There are multiple thigs to try and you can even add your own.

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Money Management simulator

Good money management can significantly improve results of your trading. But how can you find out which method is the right one?

Money Management simulator allows you to test and compare multiple MM methods and choose the best one.

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Test robustness using Monte Carlo simulations

Monte Carlo simulations are a standard way to estimate strategy robustness and real edge, as well as predict possible future performance.


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Portfolio Master Tool

Portfolio Master is a tool that can find the optimal, uncorrelated portfolio from your strategies.

It automatically goes through thousands of possible combinations to find the ones that match your requirements

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Extendable and scriptable

Snippets allow you to extend QuantAnalyzer with new functions, statistical analyses, money management types, etc.

From now on, nothing is in the way of putting your ideas into action. With the help of snippets you can add any function you need into the software.

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Why is QuantAnalyzer used by professional traders?

Download for free

Runs on Windows 10/8.1/7. 32 a 64-bit. verze.


Analyzes your trading results in a quantified way

No guessing. Detailed analysis means possibility to improve your results. QuantAnalyzer allows to analyze easily results of your real accounts or backtests and find space for improvement.


Multiple simulation models enable you to see your trading from different angles

You can use Monte Carlo, Money Management, What-If or Equity control simulations to verify strategy robustness or to find weak spots and potential for improvement


Optimal portfolios builder

Portfolio Master is a tool of its own - it can build a portfolio according to your constraints by automatically going through thousands of possible combinations

Experience around the world

Since 2005, people around the world have been using StrategyQuant to improve their trading results. See what people are writing about us, it’s the best proof that StrategyQuant works.

This is actually the best Online Services On earth i ever had.

You guys refunding my own self made mistakes without request!!

The BEST !!

And Quant Analyzer really make me confident to adjust my portfolio. Usually i watched my EA trade as a watchdog to manage exit manually

But after i use portfolio manager, setup the max dd money management, and montecarlo analysist.

Now i know, how much risk i can afford with my 12 pairs algo.

I do sleep well now.

Just getting busy managing my PAMM and profit share.

I do know now what to be called “Trade confidently”



Rachmat Sadikin

I have been using QuantAnalyzer for a few years and it is a beneficial tool for my trading.  It saves my time. I got it for free as a bonus to the StrategyQuant program, but I would buy it anyway since the price is favorable.

Sebastian Thijmen

Dear StrategyQuant Team,


let me congratulate you on such outstanding software. My strategies needed to improve and QuantAnalyzer did a great job. It’s easy to handle the program and the user interface is simple. I tried a free version first, however, since it was limited I was happy to support this project by purchasing the full license. Keep it going guys – I always await new features

Michael Maitland

I can tell you that your customer service and support are great. Thank you for your work.

Denis D.

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Free version has he following limitations:
  • Money Management – you can only see results for 30 % of your trades
  • Equity control – you can only see results for 30 % of your trades
  • Portfolio Master – limited to the maximum of 4 strategies
  • Compare results – limited to the first 50 trades only


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