Algo Trading Full Course is now available on our YouTube channel

Dive into Algorithmic Trading Without the Coding Headache!

Are you intrigued by algorithmic trading but dread the thought of coding? Today marks the beginning of our exciting series that’s about to change everything you thought you knew about trading algorithms. With StrategyQuant, you can say goodbye to coding fears. That’s right – build trading strategies without writing a single line of code. #NoCode #NoStress #HappyTrader

In our video series, we’re unveiling the secrets to crafting top-notch trading strategies for Forex, futures, and stocks using StrategyQuant’s AI-based software. Don’t worry about our AI being out of touch; it’s been evolving for over a decade to offer cutting-edge solutions.

The video series AlgoLab you can find on our YouTube Channel in playlist:


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Tomas Vanek

Tomas Vanek, founder of, is a visionary in automated trading. Driven by a passion for efficiency in finance, he created to offer robust, real-time monitoring solutions, simplifying trading strategy management for traders of all levels. His innovation is changing the landscape of algorithmic trading.

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