AlgoWizard Online – the new major update is here!

We have been working hard on a new update of AlgoWizard Cloud in recent months. Today we are glad to announce that the new version is releasing, so everyone can access it and benefit from its new features. There are a lot of them starting with new UI and ending with support of Futures data. And what is the best? This major update has enabled us to offer you the next level of features, which will come shortly. Let’s discuss all the features and our future plans with our AlgoWizard Cloud platform.

New user interface

The first thing you will notice after logging-in is a new user interface. Everything is now well structured. There is also a Day/Night skin option, which allows comfortable working with the software during the day, as well as at night.

Access to the Futures and Equities data

This improvement is the biggest feature regarding the strategy development process. You can now create strategies for thousands of new Equities and Futures symbols.
We have added:

  • Complete Equity (AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC, TCX, TSX-V, ASX) and Futures data (US exchanges: CME, CBOT, KCBT, COMEX, ICE US, NYMEX).
  • Full available history for EOD data and 10+ years back for minute data.

Sharing strategies with other traders was never easier

We have shifted sharing strategies among traders to the next level. With a single click, you can share a strategy with your friend or a community. All they need to do is to click the clone button and the strategy is being loaded into the AlgoWizard editor including data/timeframe settings.
It is possible to share strategies as a community post, an insertable snippet, or an external link.

Subscription/payment management

Now you can manage your plan/subscription or purchase coins for an extra backtest from one place.

Session support

Another extension is very useful, especially for the futures day traders. Now you can define a trading session for every single day. For example, you can decide whether you want to develop strategies for the indexes using primary or night sessions. It expands possibilities of diversification in your trading portfolio.

What’s next?

Many of you can already see great the potential of this platform as there is nothing comparable in this niche on the market. But all you see is just the beginning. We are already working on adding a possibility of connecting AlgoWizard Online with the broker and allowing users to trade their strategies online without a requirement of running them in their trading platform and VPS. Another milestone will be adding a trading basket for the Equities. These kinds of strategies can scan thousands of stocks and pick only the best entry opportunities, and place trades.


Access  the new AlgoWizard Cloud


Kornel Mazur

Kornel Mazur

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