Introducing new video series from StatOasis

Author: Kornel Mazur

May 28th, 2020

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Our partner Ali Casey from StatOasis has started a new video series, which shows interesting approaches on how to work with StrategyQuant. In the first video he explains how to build a strategy from scratch in AlgoWizard. Then he gradually incorporates more advanced topics like building strategies using templates. The series just started and as Ali promised, new videos will be coming soon. So, stay tuned.

You can access the complete video series here:

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Andrea Ceccaccarelli
Andrea Ceccaccarelli
11 days ago

All is doing an exellent job, you are very good at explaining.

Hani Hamdan
Hani Hamdan
12 days ago

Ali is doing an excellent job, keep it moving.

Marco Zenerino
Marco Zenerino
5 months ago

Perfect your movies, extremely helpful.
Thank you, great work ūüĎć