New AlgoWizard is out!

Author: Kornel Mazur

January 27th, 2020

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We are excited to announce that new AlgoWizard online is going live! Let’s check its new features:

>>You can access AlgoWizard for free here<<

Now it is an online platform

AlgoWizard online is our first cloud product. It allows to access it anywhere from any computer including possibility of saving strategies directly into the cloud.

Integrated high precision backtester backed by SQ engine

You can backtest your strategy with M1 precision on all Forex pairs. Futures and Equities data will be added soon. For easier development we also added an “auto backtest” function which performs fast backtests after any logic change in a strategy. For example you can change a period of some indicator and immediately see how it affects strategy results.

New way of sharing strategies with other traders

This new function can bring revolution into algo-trading world. Now you can share your strategies simply as a YouTube video. You can also allow/disable of sharing its logic/source code. Imagine that every discussion or article on internet about algo-trading will contain working example which you can start testing by a single click.

Free plan included

You can create your strategies for free or even perform a basic backtest.

Good news for StrategyQuant and EA Wizard license owners

We have prepared generous offer for all StrategyQuant and EA Wizard users. As it is a new product, everyone who will start using it now will obtain access to the Pro Plan for free.

>>You can access AlgoWizard for free here<<

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