Release of SQX 139 Dev 1 and what’s planned for year 2024

We’d like to announce the release of the new SX 139 Dev 1 version – note that this is a development version for testing, not the final 139 version.

Most notable changes are:

  • Change of internal browser engine to Electron – this should result in better stability, and possibly slightly improved UI speed
  • New Benchmarking feature available in equity chart – see a separate article about this
  • Fixes in AlgoWizard and in Tradestation engine

You are welcome to download and try the new development version and let us know your experience. It can be downloaded in the Development section on our Download page.


Plans for 2024 

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk also about our plans for this year 2024, we have some improvements planned in multiple areas.

The first thing is that we are changing our cycle of releasing new versions, we will now release new versions more often, at the fixed times 4 times a year. New versions of SQX will be released every three months:

  • End of April
  • End of July
  • End of October
  • End of January

This will enable us to fix issues and implement new features faster.


The second thing is some new planned features – everything is still in the planning phase, but we are working on things like new random forests implementation for machine learning, new robustness test filters, and multiple other smaller things that will contribute to better strategy robustness and its evaluation.

One of our main goals this year (except fixing reported issues) is to make SQX easier to use “in the right way” also for less experienced users. 

The ultimate goal of traders using SQX is to be profitable. 

SQX is a complex tool, and we would like to make it better in guiding you through the best settings that are evaluating and contributing towards strategy robustness so that you as its users are successful.


Thank you for using StrategyQuant and we wish you all a profitable trading year of 2024.

Mark Fric


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20. 3. 2024 12:42 pm

Excellent ! Thank you Mark

20. 3. 2024 9:21 pm

Lets Go!

Wagner Oliveira
Wagner Oliveira
21. 3. 2024 1:59 pm

Boa.. Vamos em frente

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