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Author: Mark Fric

December 10th, 2018

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If you are trying to develop some custom indicator, signal or anything else by yourself, or you want it developed and you don’t know how you can use our task system here:

Request SQ Extension / Request Programming Help

You can use it to submit your suggestion for a new indicator, signal, other building block, stats or column value that should be a part of StrategyQuant, or that you  want custom developed for you.

Please include:

  • complete description of what you want to develop
  • if it is a copy of existing indicator then source code of that indicator
  • if you just need help then error or screenshot what you are experiencing during programming


Please note that our resources are limited and we will work on these tak depending ou our priorities.

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1 year ago

Any programmer that helps me improve the SQ that you contact me please !!!