10. 12. 2018

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Request coding

If you are missing some indicator, signal, metric or building block in StrategyQuant you have three options:

  1. Programm it yourself
  2. Suggest an extension in our task system
  3. Ask for paid custom programming


1. Programm it yourself

You can follow the examples and documentation in Codebase, it is relatively easy (for a programmer) to add your own indicator or databank column.


2. Suggest an extension in our task system

You can use our task system to submit your suggestion for a new indicator, signal, other building block, stats or column value that should be a part of StrategyQuant:

Suggest SQ Extension

Please note that we have our own priorities and we don’t have resources to implement every request. There is no guarantee if and when it will be implemented.


3. Ask for paid custom programming

We recently started working with Ivan Hudec, who became an external member of the team. He is responsible for some newest indicators in StrategyQuant and he is available for a custom programming jobs. If you are interested please contact him directly on: [email protected]

The price of one custom indicator depends on its complexity, it is paid per development and testing hour. Indicators can cost from 150 USD up.


With every request (in point 2. or 3.) please include:

  • complete description of what you want to develop
  • if it is a copy of existing indicator then source code of that indicator


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26. 4. 2019 7:41 pm

Any programmer that helps me improve the SQ that you contact me please !!!