Can’t find HandleSLPTByEA

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7 years ago #113063

Where exactly is SL & PT being managed ?  They both show as 0.0000 in MT4 and I can’t find the HandleSLPTByEA parameter mentioned in the manual, anywhere in the EA.  I know this EA has a Trailing PT and it’s been in profit for days so I expect MT4 to show new values at the end of a bar.


Mark Fric

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7 years ago #128303

HandleSLPTByEA is not used anymore, it was removed in more recent versions of StrategyQuant EAs.


Is your strategy uses stop loss but the order doesn’t have it configured it could mean there was some error and EA wasn’t able to set the SL.

You should set it manually or close this order to be safe.


We recently released some autoupdates for EA generation code that check for this problem (when EA cannot set SL or TP) and hand;e it better.

You should re-export your strategy to EA again to use this new improved code.

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