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    Dear Community


    I have a question regarding the StrategyQuant Software. Is it possible to import an existing MQL4 Code or an existing EA for walk forward analyses? I have a specific EA with speficic codes that can’t be programmed with strategy quant software.



    Thank you very much for your answer.


    Kind regards,


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    Hi Finance,
    SQ is not designed to import an EA to do such work.
    If you only want simple walk forward analysis just optimize leaving OOS’es (out of sample period) to run as further extended test period? This might be laborious if you want to have multiple WFAs, but worth the trouble if you want an answer.
    There is a website that had a software that did a WFA of set periods, but they have stopped sales and on one can only download their trial version, which I don’t know if will work with newer v600+ mt4’s, might be reason they stopped selling? Don’t know.
    Good luck,

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    Thank you!

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