Share your Robustness/Monte-Carlo settings!

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5 years ago #114234

Hello SQers,

I was wondering what is the most robust/professional/optimal setup of settings at the Robustness/Monte-Carlo tab,

if you want please share your experience, knowledge, ideas about what you using and why,

thank you for your time i hope this thread and the info in it will contribute to all of us 🙂


*please share the settings as a screenshot to ease things and not write all of the setup one by one in words


i’m still using the default setup so i’m expecting to see some interesting setups and maybe we can find the ultimate 🙂


Matusiak Adrian

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5 years ago #133202

400 tests,

All ticked

Spread from 0-4

Randomize start bar – 200


rest on standard




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5 years ago #133203

Pre Final: 500 Tests ; All ticked except randomize history data. This test i do separetely. Spread i test like average maximum spread + 2 pips.

Final Stage: 1000 Tests; Every tes separetely


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