Gnerated strategy doesn ´t work

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5 years ago #114669

I read about Strategy Quant, but I am cautious so firstly I tried free trial if it really works. 
So for beginning I try load example in Strategyquant EA Wizard. F.e. simple Martingale strategy. It generate a code of Martingale. So I go to Strategyquant Pro 3.8.1. and try to load a strategy. And there is a problem. It always found error: 

Some strategy(s) cannot be loaded – corrupted file(s)?
List of unloaded strategies:
If I try in MT4 it doesn´t work so.
Thx in advance for any answer



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5 years ago #135185

You cannot directly transfer strategies between EA Wizard and StrategyQuant but it should be solved with new version


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