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    Hi Members,


    I am testing and trying to find a system that would work really well when the stock market will crash. To achieve something that works I am testing periods in the past when markets went down…but I find it difficult to find a good system, that is due to my in-experience with the software. I was wondering, are there any other developers that are focusing on a system that works best when markets are falling (rapidly)

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    Hi! What markets are you trading?
    Have you tried to look for short orders only?

    La PIP c'est chic, :D

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    Based on history, the stock market is more likely to fall heavily if:


    1. The month is September or October
    2. Leading stocks (such as Apple,Google, Amazon) fall heavily together
    3. You have 5 straight days of falls in a row
    4. Stock market valuation ratios are historically high (CAPE, Shiller PE, Price to Book, PEG Ratios)
    5. The stock market has been in a Bull mode for over 5 or more years
    6. Falling junk bond prices
    7. Asset bubbles such as property are overheating and turning down
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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