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    Please walk me through on how to setup MathPow in Custom Function.


    Mark Fric
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    it depends on what exactly you need. Do you want to use it in the condition or in the action?


    Using Custom Function/Action is quite simple, you just specify it as:

    MathPow(10, 4)


    If you have some variable defined, you can write it as

    MathPow( YourVariable1, YourVariable2)



    To use it in THEN action, you’d probably want to use MathPow to assign some value to a variable, you ca define it like this:

    YourPowVariable = MathPow( YourVariable1, YourVariable2);


    Of course, all these three variables have to be defined in EA Wizard.


    I hope it is clearer now.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    Thanks, much clearer.



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    I cannot find ‘MathPow’ in the documentation, can somebody post the link please

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    It is a new function in the last release, so I don’t think it is in EA Wizard’s documentation.  But if you google it, you can find some info about it.  For example, on the mql4 website it says how to use it a little bit:



    google reslutsl

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